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What is the Ideal Server Room Temperature and Humidity?
What is the Ideal Server Room Temperature and Humidity? photo

IT equipment performs precise calculations and copes with complicated tasks. To ensure its stable, smooth, and durable operation, it is vital to create optimal environmental conditions. Network hardware is sensitive to any change in environmental indicators. For example, condensation settles on circuit boards when the atmosphere is too wet. This is the main reason for […]

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What are the Standard Server Rack Dimensions?
What are the Standard Server Rack Dimensions? photo

When organizing a data center or a small home office, everyone needs furniture for accommodating network equipment. It doesn’t matter how big your system is, still, special, durable bodies are manufactured for IT hardware. The modern industry offers a wide range of models for any kind of data center. They differ in design and size, […]

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How to Soundproof a Server Rack and Reduce Server Noise?
How to Soundproof a Server Rack and Reduce Server Noise? photo

Network hardware emits too much noise when performing computing tasks. If server cabinets are placed in offices and next to employees, noise can significantly influence their performance and impede concentration on work duties. Several pieces of research have proved that external noise slows down employees’ productivity by 40%. Yet, it is a common case that […]

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How are Data Centers Cooled?
How are Data Centers Cooled? photo

Network devices are designed to perform difficult computing tasks and store important datum. Thus, it emits much heat during operation. If the ventilation system does not work properly, this will lead to equipment overheating and downtime. Cooling is an essential and one of the most crucial aspects of data center organization. To create optimal conditions […]

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What Is Patch Panels?
What Is Patch Panels? photo

A modern cable network consists of many components that require a high level of organization. A patch panel is one of the elements designed to arrange the wiring system and keep it in order. The right wire management will help solve many problems with the system and ensure its proper functioning. The Meaning of the […]

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Who Buys Server Racks?
Who Buys Server Racks? photo

Have you ever been to a server room or a data center? If yes, then you imagine what it looks like. If not, then you should probably watch videos and look at pictures to understand the case. The thing is that data centers are large premises where hundreds of telecommunication equipment are stored. Huge systems […]

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How Many Servers Do Famous Companies Have?
Server Rack

As we know, server equipment is stored in special cabinets and racks. The number of accommodated furniture may differ depending on the rack size. For example, huge 42U floor-standing cabinets can house twice more equipment than 22U models. However, in any case, system administrators will require a separate room and dozens of cabinets to accommodate […]

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What Is A 19-Inch Rack?
What is a 19in server cabinet

It’s no secret that every modern enterprise cannot function without computers and servers for Internet access, storage, and processing of information and datum. Companies use a lot of network devices, which must be placed somewhere and provide certain conditions for its operation. For the optimal performance of electronic equipment, it is necessary to accommodate hardware […]

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Server Rack Materials
Server Rack Materials photo

Today, any business requires computing power. Arranging data centers is inevitably connected with housing large missives of high-precious networking equipment. When dealing with accommodating telecommunication hardware, each system administrator pays particular attention to the choice of server racks and cabinets. This issue is of great importance since the safety and flawless hardware functioning directly depends […]

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How Many Servers Can Fit In A Cabinet?
How Many Servers Can Fit In A Cabinet? photo

A data center (DC) is a separate building or premises, which are designed to house and operate high-performance computing apparatus. This type of premises creates favorable conditions for your hardware and the staff that maintains it. The premises for data centers are most often located near the backbone traffic exchange point since access to powerful […]

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