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Rack Mount Keyboard Shelves

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Rack Mount Keyboard Shelves photo
Rack Mount Keyboard Shelves photo
Rack Mount Keyboard Shelves photo
Rack Mount Keyboard Shelves photo

KPL-07 Keyboard Shelf (14" depth, 24 lb ...

2 reviews
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19" Sliding Keyboard Shelf  L=14"(350mm.) For All Types of ...

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Rack Mount Keyboard Shelves photo
Rack Mount Keyboard Shelves photo
Rack Mount Keyboard Shelves photo

SH 0022.700 Keyboard Shelf (24 lb capaci...

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Shipping within 48 h.

Sliding Keyboard Shelf 19 " L =12" (300mm.) For Freestandin...

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The availability of control devices in racks allows for configuring systems and correcting software errors and failures on site. Thus, a special place is usually left for their mounting.

A rack mount keyboard shelf is a solid construction designed to support a keyboard and ensure its ergonomic placement in racks. It’s a standard accessory additionally installed in server cabinets. Keyboard shelf installation is beneficial due to the next features:

  1. Ergonomic space allocation in racks without the need to attach it to rails. Besides, shelves save drawer space.
  2. Easy access & comfortable maintenance since the device is placed separately.
  3. Holes for mounting and slots for ventilation and cable wiring.

Keyboard shelves are an excellent solution for space management. They are used to optimize space efficiently and provide compact storage of operational hardware. Our models are equipped with slides to ensure easy access and removal from the cabinet enclosure.

Our Benefits

Sysracks is a reliable partner in the world of data center furniture. If you need durable accessories for your network electronics, we offer several server rack trays for keyboard installation. Cooperation with us is advantageous due to the following strengths:

  1. The manufacturer’s warranty. We give 36 months of warranty for metallic parts covering manufacturing defects.
  2. Affordable prices without compromising product quality.
  3. Money-back guarantee. We have a return policy for clients who are not satisfied with our products.
  4. Discounts and loyalty terms for regular customers. We offer a flexible system of bonuses for regular buyers.
  5. Fast order processing. We ship items within 48 hours from the moment of order. The delivery across Canada and the USA in general takes 4-6 business days, depending on the client’s location.

If you need a solid server rack keyboard tray that will reliably hold equipment for a long time, look through our catalog. We offer premium-quality products at an affordable price and guarantee their durable serviceability. Managers are ready to consult customers and assist in selecting an appropriate model.

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