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How we ship products

We ship across USA/Canada with Fedex Ground and UPS Standard.

No Loading Dock required on delivery.

The average transit time is 4-6 business days. The processing time – up to 2 days with an email confirmation and tracking info.

Expedite Service, shipping to other than 48 USA States/Canadian Provinces and remote areas – upon request. Email:

Sysracks Shipping Options

International customer notice

International customers should be aware that import levies, taxes, and tariffs are not worked into the item’s price or shipping cost. These fees are the responsibility of you, the buyer.

Confer with the customs office in your country to know what your additional charge will be before making a purchase.

Frequently asked questions

Will Sysracks do same-day delivery of orders?

Expedite Service – upon request. Email:

What can I do if my item was sent in damaged condition?

We are confident that our products are in perfect condition. Still, we will issue a complete reimbursement on items that have been reported for damage or defect within 14 days of your receiving the item. Contact us for instructions.

What regions does Sysracks send products to?

We ship products to all countries. If there is a peculiarity with the region you’re living in, please contact us.

What can I do if my package is missing?

Every shipment has a tracking number. These scenarios are uncommon as we have ties with the best shipping companies in the world. Contact us if you’re facing any difficulty.


What payment methods are available?

We accept Debit/Credit Card, PayPal, Wire/E- transfer

Can I pay with PayPal without having a PayPal account?

Yes, choose the option “pay with Debit/Credit Card” at checkout. No need to open a PayPal account

How much is assembly?

Wall mount type - $35, Freestanding model - $70. (locally only)

How to set up thermosystem?

The Thermostat system configuration is an important step in setting up your server rack. Please read the instructions carefully before operating. For any inquiries concerning the optimal working temperature intervals please refer to the installing equipment manual or contact the equipment supplier.

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Québec H4N 1X1, Canada

616 Midland Ave,
Staten Island, NY 10306, USA

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804, Deslauriers Montréal,
Québec H4N 1X1, Canada

Mon-Fri: 10am — 5pm


616 Midland Ave,
Staten Island, NY 10306, USA

Mon-Fri: 10am — 5pm


1500 Overland Ct,
West Sacramento, CA 95691-3490 US

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