Rack Accessories & Rackmount equipment

Accessories for Server Racks

The accessories are intended to facilitate the mounting and maintenance of IT and Telecommunication equipment in Server Racks.

Nowadays, there is a large choice of accessories  offered on the market.

Buying SYSMATRIX Server Racks, you can any time order all necessaries accessories, any time.  

Below  is the list and description of the SYSMATRIX Server Rack accessories.


A shelf is intended to place IT and Telecommunication equipment, without mounting brackets, in a Server Rack.

Several types of shelves can be used for this purpose: cantilever shelf, keyboard shelf, fixing heavy-duty shelf, sliding shelf.

As an alternate way, mounting corners or sliding rails can be used instead of a shelf.

Cooling System

We bring  particular attention to safety and durability of active equipment.

One of the most important elements of a Server Rack Cabinet is the Cooling System.

Factory preinstalled top cooling panels in TR,  and SR ,- Series Server Racks,

additional cooling panels and cooling fans are necessary elements of a successful project.

Cooling module

2-or 4-fan cooling panel, is used for entire ventilation, is a part of base option of TR and SR-Series Server Racks.

The panel is factory preinstalled in the top panel and is engaged by Air Control System which represents a thermo-relay maintaining the set temperature regime in the working space. 

Reduces the noise of the cooling system and prevent overheating of the active equipment.

Cooling panel

4-or 6- fan cooling panel is used to cool down a working unit which is usually  placed next to a powerful server or between 2 servers.

Lighting panel

Makes the installation easier as well as maintenance of the active equipment in a Server Rack Cabinet.

This option is included only in SR - Series Server Racks.

Cable Manager

Is intended to build and fix cable and wires in horizontal direction. Mounting metal rings can be used for vertical cable laying. 

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