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19" Wall Mount Server Enclosure 6U (20"x...

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19”  Wall Mounted compact Rack 6U 20"x35"x12" (500x900x300 ...

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Home server rack photo

Shipping within 48 h.

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The demand for modern networking and telecom equipment is surging in the residential sector, thanks to a surge in remote working and private crypto mining. Scores of people are purchasing home server rack enclosures to house their powerful equipment for video surveillance, smart home systems, business video conferencing, and remote meetings.

Sysracks line of compact home server rack cabinets meets the mark in both appearance and utility. These models are built with powerful ventilation systems that foster a healthy environment for crypto-mining and glitch-free conference calls.

Sysracks Server Rack for Home Use

Sysracks small server rack cabinets come in floor-standing, wall-mounted, portable under the desk, and soundproof models.

All our compact cabinets have deep shelves that can accommodate any modern server model while giving it ultimate security with latch locks.

Home rack cabinets’ build is solid and sleek, constructed with high-quality components, and aesthetically designed to integrate into any home decor seamlessly.

Features of home server racks at a glance

Ideal for smaller equipment such as UPS, router, and patch panels.
It has a working height of 6 units but has 800 mm depth for deep servers.
Has an external depth of 900 mm.
It has a maximum loading capacity.
It comes with robust active ventilation systems such as inbuilt fans to mitigate heat buildup inside the model.
It comes with 4 castor wheels with brakes so you can easily change its location.
Although freestanding by default, it can be mounted onto any wall if you want to save on floor space.

Benefits of Home Server Rack Cabinet

Our compact models are designed to keep your work area organized and decluttered without taking up too much floor or wall space in your house.

Small equipment like switches, video & studio equipment can easily add up. A small rack for residential use provides a dedicated space to keep all your valuable tech assets safe from pets, extreme weather fluctuations, dust, and other elements.

Why Choose Sysracks Home Server Cabinet?

Selecting the correct home server racks for your networking and telecom hardware isn’t easy. But with Sysracks’ team of experts guiding your choice, you can rest assured knowing your investment will meet your expected requirements from the home server cabinet, maximize the performance of your hardware while addressing the reliable power source and cooling requirements.

Here’s the Sysracks difference

Fast shipping: 48 hours or less
Accepting orders 24/7
Friendly and experienced staff available for tech expertise
100% money-back guarantee on all orders
Orders over $999 receive loyalty points and bonus gifts

If you’ve any questions about a particular home network server rack, our staff will gladly help choose the right solution for your needs.

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