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SA0020.11 1U 19″ Horizontal Cable Manager 5 Metall rings (with cover) photo

SA0020.11 1U 19" Horizontal Cable Manager 5 Metall rings (with cover)

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SA.0020.011 Cable organizer, 1U, 19", with a cover (metal), gray (RAL 7035)


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Horizontal organizers (PDA) with metal rings used for laying twisted-pair cables. As well laying patch cords RJ-45 switching between patch panels and active equipment. Allow proper cabling, providing convenient access to compounds in server cabinets. Do not allow twisting and tangling cables in compliance with the requirements for the permissible bending radius cords. Organizer manufactured from cold-rolled steel with thickness of 1 mm. - Base and 1.5 mm. - Ring. Installed cable management using a standard fasteners - (screw, washer, nut).
  • Height: 44 mm. (1U);
  • Width: 483 mm. (19 inches);
  • Depth: 60 mm.;
  • Weight: 0.5 kg;
  • Color: gray (RAL 7035).

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SA0020.11 1U 19″ Horizontal Cable Manager 5 Metall rings (with cover) photo

Glad this cable management system for a server rack has helped me to organize my cables. Now it's much easier to identify them and keep them organized. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend it to others.

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