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Furniture Leveling Adjustable Feet

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Furniture Leveling Adjustable Feet photo
Furniture Leveling Adjustable Feet photo

LA 0620 Adjustable feet for cabinets WR

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Legs (adjustable feet) wall cabinets WR (set of 4 pieces)

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Server Cabinet Security with Adjustable Leveling Feet

Server cabinets house some of the most expensive and mission-critical equipment in your networking and telecom infrastructure. Keeping them safe and accessible ensures your devices continue to meet your demands from wherever your business takes you. Adjustable leveling feet and rollers promote the server cabinet’s stability and portability, especially when holding heavy machinery.

Furniture Leveling Feet: Benefits

Adjustable leveling feet are used by various industries to keep their machines and appliances off the ground and aligned. Benefits of using leveling legs include:

Keeps devices safe: Leveling legs support the cabinet at an elevated height, protecting the devices inside from vibrations. These legs are even more helpful if your business is located in an earthquake-prone area. Keeping them safe from vibration reduces the maintenance and replacement cost of the equipment.

Provides stability: Leveling foot offers stability and sturdiness to the free standing server cabinets if placed on uneven floors. Depending on the weight of devices your unit is holding, you can adjust the height of the leveling legs to make them more stable. This way, the cabinet won’t shift or shake while the devices operate.

Easy to clean: In some sectors, such as the food and pharma industries, hygiene is everything. These adjustable feet make it easy for you to keep the floor beneath the cabinet clean and dust-free. You can easily sweep, mop, or vacuum to space underneath.

Increases accessibility: When attached to the adjustable feet, the castors with brakes transform your freestanding unit into a portable cabinet. Depending on where you need your gear, you can drag the cabinet to the location instead of lifting and carrying it. The brakes ensure that the unit remains steady at its new location.

Why Choose Sysracks Furniture Leveling Feet

Sysracks is a market leader in providing high-quality, durable levelling feet that can be installed on cabinets of various sizes, types, and weight capacities.

Sysracks adjustable leveling legs come included in all server rack and cabinet orders, but they are also available for individual purchase.

Our products are shipped within 48 hours, and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction. Sysracks also rewards orders over $999 with gifts and 1000 loyalty points that can be redeemed on any of our products in the future.

If you need help with selecting a leveling leg for one of Sysrack’s cabinets or another one that you currently own, please reach out to us. We will assess its dimensions and revert to the right solution. Happy shopping!

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