Server Rack Equipment layout

One of the most important questions faced by IT professionals:

“What’s the best way to install the active and passive equipment in a Server Cabinet?”

This article is about the appropriate configuration of IT and Telecommunication Equipment in a Server Rack Cabinet.

At the top of the enclosure is installed equipment with optical ports.

The top of the Rack is intended for Optical Port Equipment.

Even a finest piece of dust on a fiber-optic adapter, module or connector,

can lead to the technical parameters deterioration of a line or, the connection loss in optical fiber.

Installing the optical connection equipment at the top of the Rack

we reduce the chance of dust pollution of optical units.

It also reduces the probability of damage due to accidentally dropped heavy object.

Therefore, the installation of optical port equipment at top is safer.

Cross equipment, is basically used for switching and supplying telephone signals for twist pair cable.

That is why; it is recommended to set it his kind of equipment at eye level or slightly lower

in order for a technician to facilitate the twisted pair trimming and makes more convenient switching twisted pair for service staff.

Patch panel with RJ45 connectors, are to be set in the middle.

Telecommunication cabinets are designed for the mounting and installation not only passive but active equipment as well. 

Active equipment LAN and labs usually is located below the patch panels.

As a rule, heavy equipment such UPS, tower cases etc is recommended to be installed at the bottom of the rack.


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Server Rack Equipment layout