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Tag: Server Rack Kits and Accessories
What is the Ideal Server Room Temperature and Humidity?
What is the Ideal Server Room Temperature and Humidity? photo

IT equipment performs precise calculations and copes with complicated tasks. To ensure its stable, smooth, and durable operation, it is vital to create optimal environmental conditions. Network hardware is sensitive to any change in environmental indicators. For example, condensation settles on circuit boards when the atmosphere is too wet. This is the main reason for […]

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What Is Patch Panels?
What Is Patch Panels? photo

A modern cable network consists of many components that require a high level of organization. A patch panel is one of the elements designed to arrange the wiring system and keep it in order. The right wire management will help solve many problems with the system and ensure its proper functioning. The Meaning of the […]

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Accessories for your Open Frame Server Rack
Accessories for your Open Frame Server Rack photo

System administrators perfectly know that it is impossible to design a data center without multi-layer cabinets and racks. These are two basic kinds of server furniture that allow accommodating dozens of network devices. Nowadays, server cabinets are found in every office, public place, or even at home. The popularity is determined by the capability of […]

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Why Your Server Rack Needs Blanking Panels?
Why Your Server Rack Needs Blanking Panels? photo

Each server cabinet or rack has social tech holes designed for cable routing, fan installation, or just for passing the airflow in the right direction. Anyway, the body is not solid but with some holes. Blanking plugs are accessories designed to close these holes when they are not used. Why are tools important? Here are […]

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Top Most Important Accessories for Server Racks
Top Most Important Accessories for Server Racks photo

Nowadays, server racks are found not only in data centers of larger enterprises but also in small offices and home-based businesses. Their main purpose is to store high-precision network equipment. By providing multi-level storage for devices, one cabinet or rack can accommodate up to 100 items of active hardware, accessories, and cables. However, this is […]

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What Are UPS And PDU?
What Are UPS And PDU? photo

When dealing with system administration and server room organization, it is crucial to distinguish two notions – PDU and UPS (PSU). System administrators engaged in the process of data center arranging inevitably face the necessity to feed the system. And both abbreviations are responsible for sufficient and uninterruptible systems feeding with electricity. UPS (PSU) Power […]

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Standard and Smart Rack PDU

In data centers and IT organizations, it is very essential to manage power distribution and to prevent it from the power distribution issues; a power distribution unit is a device that includes main breakers, individual circuit breakers and power monitoring panels, which is used in data centers to manage multiple outputs. It is mainly designed […]

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Advantages of Brush Strip Panel
Advantages of Brush Strip Panel photo

IT equipment need a neat and clean surrounding where the dust and far worse smoke cannot degrade or hamper the performance for computer and its belongings. But it is also very obvious that you cannot keep your IT system and its other belongings completely away from dust as we are surrounded by these grimes. To […]

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Benefits of 4 Fans Air Control System
Benefits of 4 Fans Air Control System photo

In small to medium scaled or medium to large scaled data centers a suitable cooling system requires to prevent the computer equipment from heat damage due to over temperature. Nowadays cooling has been taken as the first concern while building any server room or data centers as not even a single management person wants to […]

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