Probably, there is no company in a whole world that doesn’t think about the ways of protecting and keeping their data safe and secure. Billions of dollars are spent on security goals, thousands of new data centers are opening all around the globe and many more will be opened soon.

Lately, Google has voiced its intention to spend more than $13billions on launching new Data centers and Offices according to their huge and fast growth. Surely, the amount of information kept on Google servers is equaled to those billions of dollars intended to be put in a project or even more. So the first point is achieving the highest scale security while keeping tons of valuable data on servers. That’s what are seismic cabinets are designed for.

Seismic rack cabinets are made to provide the safety of data stored in regions that show the unstable situation in terms of seismic activity or harsh environmental conditions. It is a special construction built with sustainable and enduring materials that can stand almost all types of earthquakes. The welded framework gives an option of durability. Servers can be fixed with the help of corps. Due to a welded rear wall cabinet represents a system that serves the security of your data in case of strong and powerful earthquakes with an option of routing power while being in a seismic activity zone.

We build seismic racks according to NEMA ratings. NEMA is an abbreviation of a National Electrical Manufacturer Association. Mostly, these ratings can be applied to some certain types of enclosures. E.g Fixed one rack that is used to hide wiring in some IT company. All of our seismic products are may be used in an outside environment and besides earthquake handling may survive corrosion, water and dust, ice, oil and many more.

All of our seismic line products are built on order, therefore, may be painted, designed and optimized according to customer requirements. So the construction you are going to apply in your business may be fully adopted and customized according to your business needs. Each of our seismic data center cabinets is used to hold, manage and protect a large volume of wiring and database that gives an option of harmonizing a workspace even though it’s hidden from other’s eyes. Our professional will help you to decide and choose the best option that will work for your business and satisfy all your customer needs, so we can ship a final product directly to the ultimate destination.

Seismic server rack proposed by our company is compatible with a leading server equipment brands as Dell, IBM and HP and meeting standards applied to. Racks may vary in size, so it may be used in small office spaces as well as in an outside harsh environment. Each of the items has a certificate that is used in a business.

Each construction has a supporting frame that can stand all scales earthquakes and a unique design apart from its sustainability.

Besides server safety seismic cabinets may be used for accumulator security as well. Therefore, areas of applying seismic rack cabinets are not limited to. Apart from rack construction itself, a wide variety of additional accessories may be proposed.

You have an option of requesting a quote, so our engineers may design the final view of a server rack and calculate the price, contact us directly or find answers that may have been already answered in an FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) section. All you need is to make a choice and call us with your questions. Keep your data safe!


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