What is a server cabinet?

When installing telecommunication and server equipment in data processing centers, a system approach is required. The vertical placement of many pieces of equipment allows you to save space, which is especially important in a limited space. In such cases, racks or server cabinets of various types are used. They can be installed not only in office rooms of IT services but also in offices, industrial premises, basements, passages.

A modern cabinet for telecommunication and server equipment is far from just a metal box with shelves where equipment can be stored. Server cabinets are specific pieces of furniture designed to provide a more rational placement and quick access to network equipment, ensuring the required conditions for its storage, protection from pollution and unauthorized access.

The market is offering cabinets that are thought out to the smallest detail, every element works so that their internal space is used as efficiently as possible, and the equipment is provided with the highest level of protection.

Dustproof server rack and cabinets differ from each other only in appearance: the rack is an open design, and the cabinet is closed. Due to the presence of various parameters, an important part of designing a room designed for storing server hardware is their choice. To implement it, you need to take into account some of the details discussed below.

Depending on the type of installation cabinets are divided into two main groups – floor-standing and wall mount cabinets. The former ones are characterized by an enhanced structure of the base and are usually installed in office rooms with a large amount of equipment to be placed. Wall cabinets are mounted on the wall. They are ideal for cases where you need to compactly place standard cross-connect and network equipment.

What are the advantages of dust and waterproof server cabinets?

  • • High protection. Dust and waterproof server cabinets are ideal applications where your sensitive network equipment is exposed to dust and water.
  • • Perfect active ventilation;
  • • The safe frame (no sharp corners, eliminating injuries by personnel who serve electronic devices);
  • • Reliable lock and ergonomic swivel handle (provides perfect locking when closing the door of the cabinet);
  • • 2 removable side panels - ease access to any level equipment.
  • • Perforated or solid door, made in the form of a solid metal canvas or glass inserts of high-strength glass.


The server cabinet will significantly increase the efficiency of the work process in offices, business centers, and enterprises. This device solves many important tasks:

  • • allows compact placement of electrical equipment for information transmission;
  • • reliably protects devices and cables from damage, as well as electromagnetic radiation from outside;
  • • promotes the reduction of the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation from the operating equipment on the health of the employees;
  • • allows making neat gasket and stripping of electric cables.

The waterproof computer enclosures can integrate equipment of different types:



Cross equipment

Power supply

Cooling equipment

In addition to the convenience of locating equipment in cabinets, they solve a number of other tasks:

Access restrictions

Supplying power


Realization of the necessary climatic conditions

A large number of different accessories are provided for the convenience of installation and operation of cabinets - shelves, organizers, materials for fastening. Server cabinets can contain a ground loop, which is important when using active equipment or screened cross-panels.

Watertight cabinets are used not only in the office but also in the production premises. It can serve for installation of both active and passive equipment.

A separate kind of such cabinets - antivandal - can be used outdoors. A particularly robust design eliminates unauthorized access to internal objects and their damage.


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