The telecommunications racks are metal structures designed to accommodate network and server hardware.

A server rack is a solid skeleton without walls, made of cold-rolled steel, which is first phosphated, and then covered with a polymer-powder light gray paint. This guarantees anticorrosive stability and endurance to the effects of high temperatures and moisture.

The server racks are pre-assembled, they are easy to mount and carry in the assembled state.

Due to the fact that the structure is open, passive ventilation is provided, the devices do not overheat, and also simplifies access to the devices and increases the convenience of monitoring and reading data from the devices.

Racks for server hardware are used as an alternative to telecommunication cabinets. Unlike cabinets, they are a more economical solution, suitable in cases where the priority is fast and convenient access to the equipment and its natural airflow without special devices, and not protection. For example, in server rooms or other rooms where a large amount of equipment is installed.

Many small companies locate servers in their own or leased offices. And this problem has, in addition to security, the so-called environmental component.

Noise - the ubiquitous companion of modern society. It tires and annoys, reduces our efficiency and is an additional factor that can cause stress. But there is a solution to this problem. You can buy a quiet server rack cabinet which has a noise reduction system.

Advantages of quiet server racks:

  • • Price. Performing the same functions as the cabinet, it is significantly cheaper.
  • • Size. Compared to cabinets, racks are much more compact, which is very important in server-filled rooms.
  • • Easy access. An open rack provides excellent access to equipment, no need to spend time opening locks on the doors, and sometimes even dismantling devices from the cabinets in order to gain access to the connectors on the rear panels, like in the cabinets. And if the room itself is good enough.
  • • Convenience and ease of assembly. It takes just a few minutes to prepare a new rack for work, while installing the cabinet may take an hour or more. A rack is transported with much less effort than telecommunication cabinets of similar capacity.
  • • Soundproof and noise suppression features. The principle of operation of such systems is that the sound signal with the same spectrum as the noise signal is fed into the internal volume of the system with noise only in antiphase. As a result, sound waves overlap and "destroy" each other.


The racks can be of two types: single frame and two frame option.

The single frame rack is designed for installation of equipment with low weight and dimensions. In order for the user to be able to give the structure a vertical position, the products are supplied with adjustable supports. Rollers can be used to increase mobility instead of supports. Despite the simple design, the rack is able to withstand a considerable load, which allows compactly placing a large amount of equipment on it.

Two-frame 19-inch racks are simple open structures that are not less popular than telecommunication server cabinets and are designed to accommodate server and switching equipment, devices designed for power distribution and supply, music equipment, video equipment.

The two-frame server racks have the following benefits:

  • • simple and compact placement of equipment, as well as its maintenance during operation;
  • • structural stability due to massive support brackets;
  • • the ability to align the design due to the presence of adjustable supports;
  • • the possibility of installing rollers, which increases the mobility of the structure;
  • • compact placement of a large amount of equipment;
  • • good passive ventilation, which is achieved due to the absence of barriers in the form of panels and doors.

Now the question of finding an office with a separate room for hosting servers, just for the reason that they are very noisy, is no longer relevant.

Having installed all server and active network equipment in quiet server rack cabinet you can place it in any convenient place in your modern office. The noise from running servers will no longer interfere with the creative atmosphere and productive work of your team.


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