Portable server rack

The server rack is designed to accommodate network and other equipment. It is also called the installation or telecommunications rack.

The rack can consist of two or four metal guides that are fixed to each other. There are holes in the guides for installing standard 19-inch rack mount equipment with special lugs. To install the equipment without special mounts, you will need accessories in the form of shelves and guides.

Racks are a cheaper alternative to cabinets because their price is much lower.

The mounting rack can be of the following types:

Single-frame - consists of two guides, the equipment is fixed at two points.

Two-frame - consists of four guides, the equipment is fixed at four points. Such fixation increases the degree of load and allows you to install heavy equipment.

Server rack- consists of four guides with increased rigidity and structural strength. Such racks have the highest load capacity.

The server rack is called 19-inch because, according to the standard, the distance between its vertical guides is 19 inches (465 mm). The height of the racks is measured in units (U). One unit is 1.75 inches (4.45 cm). If a height of 24U is indicated, this means that it can accommodate 24 devices with a height of 1U or install 12 devices with a height of 2U.

Advantages of 19-inch portable server rack:

  • • Ergonomic. It takes up little space and is easy to transport.
  • • Energy saving. The absence of dense walls means better ventilation and the ability to supply fewer coolers.
  • • Placement of wires. The rack provides free access to any side of the rack, for further convenient maintenance of equipment and grouping of cable elements.
  • • Security. Grounding is possible to prevent damage from static electricity.
  • • Price. The cost of the server rack is much less than other similar options.

Almost all racks are universal. They have all the necessary mounting holes for equipment and accessories. The racks are a classic budget option designs for use in rooms with a small amount of dust and moisture. If desired, their complete set can be supplemented with sidewalls and doors to obtain a full server cabinet.


The 19” server rack is a universal floor-mounted construction for mounting 19 " standard network, optical, electrical and telecommunications equipment, data storage devices, and using shelves for various non-standard equipment.

Rack server can be installed on height-adjustable supports to compensate for uneven floors. The presence of special holes in the base of the rack allows, if necessary, to fix it rigidly to the floor. The design of the rack - dismountable. It is supplied unassembled with a set of fasteners, in compact packaging and assembly instructions.

Portable network racks are designed for simple and cost-effective installation of rack equipment in IT rooms. They are the ideal solution for installation of servers, network communication equipment in systems that do not require protection against unauthorized access at the rack level. An open rack provides unobstructed air cooling, as well as quick and easy access to installed equipment. The ability to vertically mount with the possibility of easy installation, convenient organization and fixing of thick cable harnesses made portable rack cabinets the best solution on the market.

Having installed the server and all related equipment in a rack, we solve several important problems at once: firstly, we save server room space, secondly, we provide ease of administration and, thirdly, we eliminate the appearance of vibration and excessive noise during equipment operation, so that as a result, the risk of breakage decreases.


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