Our goal is to develop and provide an optimal solution for placing Telecommunication and server equipment in small offices and home labs.

Here are several solutions based on technical characteristics of Server Rack ER-Series.

Office Rack SYSMATRIX ER-Series allows optimizing the efficient space in offices and working places.

Due to new design of the glass shelves above the Server Cabinet, it is possible to place any kind of equipment,

such as Servers, office multimedia, video audio equipment, in one place. 

Office Table for 19” Equipment

Another solution, based on the Server Cabinet ER-Series, is a specialized workplace for powerful server systems.

The depth of the rack allows accommodating almost any server or 19” IT equipment.

It will be highly appreciated system administrators, 3D graphic designers, video editing professionals, operators of CCTV security.

Now, there is no need to organize a separate server room for IT Equipment but the design of the Server Rack will bring the originality to your office.


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