Data centers are an important part of the smooth running of today's enterprises and businesses of all sizes. In the new generation equipment, the capability design meets the required equipment needs. Thus, enterprises use server blades and other technologies in their racks that provide high performance. However, they do not lose their ability to effectively provide power and cooling to equipment.

The Data Center Dynamics article thinks differently. The author of the report is confident that for many information hosts this multifunctional task is not easy to accomplish. Not all servers can handle it. For old hardware, the new equipment will not always be adequate for all installed systems. Because of this, some mechanisms, such as power supply, humidity control, and other components of data processing systems, will not cooperate with other elements of host racks and their operation will not be efficient and uninterrupted.

Why monitoring is so important?

These are not all the points that the recent report from the magazine highlights. The author explains that monitoring and all related technologies are gaining popularity and, most importantly, importance in the world of IT technology. Namely, it is important to maintain the efficiency of the data processing rack.

If the user provides monitoring tools in his individual equipment, this opens up many possibilities for him:

  • now he can track all components of the system;
  • he can control how they work;
  • guarantee that they do not overheat;
  • supervise the speed of work.

Monitoring also helps to find out how effectively these elements of equipment perform their functions together with the object's power source.

The Main Thing About Monitoring

Monitoring will be a lifesaver solution for many data centers. First, in the event of a power failure (including the air conditioning system), the temperature in the server room rises, which often leads to the failure of the main equipment. In this case, the observance system will start the backup energy supply and notify the operator. The system is also able to record every opening of the doors of cabinets.

This remote climate monitoring and tracking device in an equipment box will last for many years. High-quality temperature and humidity sensors will allow you to supervise the operating conditions of the equipment for a long time. Door, motion, shock, glass break sensors will warn of unauthorized access. Smoke and leak detectors will allow you to receive timely notifications about emergencies.

What Can Be Monitored in Server Racks?

Monitoring systems are composed of different parts. The first thing to note is the high quality detectors and software. All of its components play an important role in observing, recording, alerting and reporting. They collect information on numerous factors that they learn from the environment. It captures exactly those factors that can lead to server damage.

Displays are built into a special box with detectors that supervise the temperature in the data processor. External sensors are sometimes added there as well. They control humidity, flood, power, smoke, movement, and more. Temperature and humidity are some main factors to look after in server racks.


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