In data centers and IT organizations, it is very essential to manage power distribution and to prevent it from the power distribution issues; power distribution unit is a device that includes main breakers, individual circuit breakers and power monitoring panels, which is used in data centers to manage multiple outputs. It is mainly designed with multiple outputs integrals to distribute evenly electricity in most efficient ways to the numerous computer devices which are placed in server racks or rack cabinets by eliminating different power troubles. It provides the best power protection and power management solutions, which is quite beneficial to systematize an organization and its IT products without any glitches. Nowadays with the various demands and requirements, you can find a long list of verities of rack PDUs that can be monitored from anywhere any time, some of these are are fully automated or intelligent and some of these are semi-smart PDUs as well. This innovation has definitely eliminated your various big troubles that are associated with the power management, which lead server systems to heat damage.

As you know that there are various types of power distributive unites that are available in the market, you can select them according to your specifications and requirements. You can get brief information about its type right her, Racks mount power is a name of rack power distributive unit, which is mostly used in the organizations now a days and there are so many other names that are very useful to scatter evenly power supply to every rack cabinets. Basically, you can divide it into two categories; standard and intelligent.

  •      Standard power strip- This approach of electric supply is suitable for all the small and medium sized based organizations where the management of wires fittings and arrangements can be done manually. By utilizing standard type of power strip, users can get the important and essential information such as fuse replacement notifications and current input or output displays, but as this is not smart or intelligent setup so, you must have to appear physically on-site to gather and analyze such electric information.
  •      Smart or intelligent power strip – on other side, an intelligent power strip is a kind of PDUs, which is mainly used in the large sized organizations, though it is also used on medium and small businesses but most suitable for the large organizations. With the use of intelligent current strip, you can catch the important information of current input output, fuse replacement and over power supply notification from anywhere any time, to analyze and monitor such information, you do not need to be at your organization as it gives real time based information remotely. With this outstanding approach, you can easily and effortlessly monitor your complete IT setup by remote controlling power management system. As you can reboot the rack cabinets, you can change the phase, and you can troubleshoot the various current issues which lead to heat damage or low power damage. You must have to administrate rack power in such way that it would maintain a standard cooling strategy so that your significant devices would not get any physical destruction due to temperature and heat. A proper power supply with quick remote function can only give you that liberty of maintaining and managing your without any hindrance organization from anytime and anywhere. You can say that the main reason behind its popularity is its amazing features and functions that have made the rack power management a set of few clicks.

The List of Features of smart Rack PDU (Power Distribution Unit) - in every single cabinet SYSRACKS are following:

  •      It provides the cost-effective power distributions which allow you to setup PDUs into horizontal and vertical ways at rack according to your ease, and also ensures maximum durability.
  •      It allows to monitor and analyze the power constrains from anywhere, which helps to deal and prevent numerous physical damage of critical devices of computers due to overheat or fuse damage.
  •      it helps to reboot the cabinets, besides also helps to manage a standard cooling strategy which is very essential to give an error free performance in data centers, as due to over temperature the system’s performance degrades.   
  •      It saves time and money, as it provides the remote access to the users, it saves time and by allowing them to handle the critical condition and situations from any place it prevents from various power issues, thus it saves money too.
  •      It provides reliable and evenly power supply to the computer components of the rack cabinets.

Cooling tends to obtain a back seat to other apprehensions when any server rooms and small to mid-size data centers are first built. As you know that the computing needs grow, improved temperature production can conciliation equipment performance and cause shutdowns of system which leads to process interruption and performance degradation. Random hazard of data center creates cooling inefficiencies that magnify these heat-related problems. End users may suppose that they need to increase cooling capacity, but this is expensive and often unnecessary. In most cases, low-cost rack cooling finest practices will solve heat-related problems. Best practices optimize airflow, increase efficiency, prevent downtime and reduce costs. In such situations, users only need a reliable and greatest functioning smart rack power distribution management system, only by applying this approach one can get rid of such current troubles and unexpected outgoes.

This smart power technology is intelligent enough to troubleshoot your rack power issues regardless time and money. In order to find the best designers and suppliers of such power strips, you can get into web world. Here, you can find various suppliers on internet, which ensures you to offer the best power management solutions at most affordable prices. There are also many tools on internet that can help to compare its features and prices, which will help you to elect out the one from the crowd. After selecting out, you can call on the given number to place an order and can get the Rack PDUs at your door step without visiting to any hardware shop.


This article is written to provide the comprehensive information about the smart or intelligent rack power strips, this piece of writing also includes its functionality and features, which can help you to be familiar with it more and can help you to choose one of its types to manage your data center proficiently. 


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