SYSMARKET Distribution Company

Is interested in seeing that the consumer is always able to quickly and conveniently buy our products. Therefore, we continue to improve our website and are expanding the company's presence in all regions of Canada and THE UNITED STATES

Despite the fact that we are a young company, our website is visited monthly by more than 3,000 users, 80% of them are new

First of all, it indicates a growing interest in our product, and of course, a convenient website.

If your company is engaged in the supply, sale, installation of telecommunication the mounting (passive and active) equipment, video surveillance and security, and you are interested in expanding your range and customer audiences, «SYSMARKET» is offering you to become an authorized partner and join our team.

In order to obtain the status, the client must apply to the marketing department and meet a number of conditions.

The status of authorized dealer acknowledges receipt of the certificate, and the opportunity to use technical and marketing support from "SYSMARKET".

This includes:

  • - Getting a 20% discount off the retail price;
  • - Images of products for posting on websites;
  • - Detailed descriptions and technical information of the product;
  • - Recent catalogs, brochures and flyers (in PDF).

In coordination with "SYSMARKET" additional activities are possible :

  • - Creating a showroom of SYSMATRIX products;
  • - Regional cooperative presentations and activities for SYSMATRIX products;
  • - Staff training on the basis of the showroom.

Our services are a reliable basis for your company to implement a wide range of SYSMATRIX products.

To participate in the technical and marketing support program, submit your application to the marketing department by e-mail at

In the subject line, specify "SYSMARKET Dealer".

Best regards,



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