12U 35" Depth Wall Mount 19" Enclosure SRW 12.900

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Size of package: 26X31X9 inch.

SRW 12.900

19" Wall Mount Server Rack Cabinet
12U (24"w x35"d x25"h)
(600x900x629mm.) (WxDxH),
Glass Door (1 fan, 1 shelf, 1PDU, 4 castors, 2 brush cable entries)
It is strongly recommended using the cabinet as a floor (free) standing unit,
although the structure allows mounting the cabinet on vertical
Using the cabinet as wall mount unit is the user's
For this reason, the cabinet is supplied with a set of

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  • Incredible Kit contents (1 fan, 2 Brash cable entry, 1 PDU, 1 fix shelf, 4 castors, 1 Latch locks, set of screws and nuts(20 pcs).
  • Active ventilation in base model
  • Brush strip panel for cable entry
  • Flat and compact packaging
  • Convenient to assemble design
Clear and simple installation


Adhering to the basic concept of our company, we have equipped this model with all necessary accessories.

    All models of SYSRACKS SRW includes:
  • - 1 Cooling fan
  • - 1 PDU
  • - 1 Fixing ventilated shelf
  • - Lockable side panels and doors
  • - 2 Brush-Type cable entry
  • - 4 Adjustable feet
  • - Mounting hardware etc (20 pcs.)
We rethink the philosophy of usability
the cabinet with an expanded depth

Based on statistics of requests received over the last years, we realized that not all users rack to accommodate only a few server equipment units.

The wall mount cabinet (6U-18U) could not meet the main requirement - limited depth (max 24”). At the same time, a free standing rack (18U and up, 39” depth ) was not reason (the height, price etc.).

Today we offer 12U and 15U server rack 900 mm depth compatible with most of server and IT equipment available on the market

On the wall and floor standing

The wall mount cabinet SRW 900 equipped with a set of adjustable feet a free standing unit although a wall mounting kit is provided as well.

Having similar characteristics, the SR 900 enclosure is way less expensive saves valuable space in home and office environments. As example, can be used as a under desk solution.

We rethink the philosophy of usability
compact packaging, of course

One more reason you would like to choose this cabinets in your projects is a flat compact packaging!

The construction is supplied unassembled and this allows to save between 50% and 70% of total space!

1. Saving between 50% and 70% of the rack space during its storage and transportation.

2. Assembled construction allows to deliver and mount the rack at the technical facilities with narrow doorways and/or at the facilities with no cargo elevators.

3. Now just ONE hardhat without any special transport means would easily deliver the rack.


- Front door perforation helps to remove hot air fr om the cabinet and let air flow circulation provide cooling effect to the equipment.

- Latch Lock on front door gives impression of being a HQ furniture but not a technical box, at the same time, facilitate access to the equipment

Brush-type cable entry:

- Protects the high prices equipment against dust and other fine electrically conductive fractions against electrical damage to various critical parts.

Locking and removable side and back panels:

- SRW900 cabinets are designed to maximize security of the equipment.

All locking and removable panels and doors limit access to unauthorized persons while allowing for authorized personnel to easy installation,

maintained or upgrade of the equipment. (set of 2 keys included).

Adjustable mounting rails with U-marking and square holes:

- Help to adapt the internal space to any accessories and devices regardless to brand, fitting the cabinet.

U-marking makes installation easier and faster but, also, correctly determines the mounting area for the equipment

Standing legs:

- 4 castors in a base model allows transforming the wall mounting cabinet to a free standing model.

(!!! Do not exceed the recommended loading capacity!!!)

Mounting hardware (M6 x 20pcs, tools):

- There is no need to get mounting hardware. A set of 20 pcs of nuts, clips/screws is already included in each cabinet.

35” external depth:

- The 35” depth is ideal parameter for installing most of switched, routers, DVR, audio-video, telecom equipment, patch panels,

security systems, and leaving secure clearance for cable supply and air flow circulation.

It also provides the opportunity for extension of you future projects and installing other kind of equipment.

A base model  12U 35"(900mm) depth is equipped with:

- cooling fan in the top

- 6-way PDU

- fix shelf

- 4 castors

- Glass front door in perforated metal frame 

- Lockable and removable door, side and rear panels

- Brush strip panel for cable input (top and bottom)

- U-marking on mounting rails

- Set of bolts and nuts -20 un.

Dimensions: 12U 24"X35"X25"

Internal depth:  35" - from door to back panel

Load capacity:up to 133 pounds

Color: Black  RAL9005

• Height of the enclosure: 12U
• Width: 24"(600mm);
• Depth: 35"(900mm)
• Prefabricated profile sections.
Cable input:
• Top and bottom have 2 dust-tight brush panels with cable managers.
Active ventilation:
• Passive – convection heat flow due to perforation front and rear doors
• Active – by setting in the top fan module (all models)
IP protection:
• IP41: glass/perforated door
• IP20: solid metal door
• Static load not exceeding 133 lb.
• Rolled steel profile
• Frame thickness 1.5mm; 19” profiles 1.5mm; other components parts 1.0-1.2mm.
• Powder paint with degreasing and anticorrosive phosphate
• Black: RAL9005
Kit contents: (1 fans, 2 Brash cable entry, 1 PDU,1 fix shelf, 4 castors, 1 Latch locks, set of screws and nuts(20 pcs)

1 Frame 2 PCS 1.5
2 Top cover 1 PCS 1.0
3 Bottom panel 1 PCS 1.0
4 Mounting profile 4 PCS 1.5
5 Supporting tray 0/2 PCS 1.5
6 Panel 2 PCS 1.0
7 Hanger 1 PCS 1.5
8 Side panel 2 PCS 0.8
9 Front door 1 PCS 1.2
10 Back Panel 1 PCS 1.2

Remark: The cabinet size 9U or under 9U no need stregthen panel, 12U or above 12U need 2PCS strengthen panel.
  • Step 1. Setting the skeleton.

    Using screws (11), combine profiles (1), top (2) and bottom (3) in one single carcass. Do not tighten the bolts at this step. You can do it after the step 6.
  • Step 2.

    U*Set the adjustable feet (12) at the bottom (3) for using the cabinet as free standing unit.

  • Step 3. Installing vertical mounting rails U-mark (4).

    Install the vertical U-Mark rails on the main frame using the cagenuts and bolts (14).
    • - set the front pair of U-Mark rails
    • - match the shelf before setting the rear pair of U-Mark rails

  • Step 4. Installing the back panel.

    Using the mounting screws (13), install the back panel (10).

  • Step 5.

    Install the side panel locks (or, rubber cup (15), depends on configuration) and install the side panels (8). Snap the side panel latches.

  • Step 6.

    Set the door (9) onto the metal pin (16) ins ert in to the front of the bottom (3). Pull aside the upper latch and hook the door (9).


Description | Diargam | Settings

Nowadays, the modern server equipment is much faster and more powerful than in the past.

As a result, a lot of heat is generated in working space which can affect the performance of whole system, unfortunately, in negative way.

That is why, one of the most important factors impacting the life and reliability of high-priced equipment is the temperature regime in a server rack.

Moreover, most of servers are integrated in public and office environment, were the non-stop cooling fan noise prevents focusing on accomplishing work,

but overheating of the server equipment can cause system crushes and even data loss.


All Sysmatrix SR, TR, ER-series server rack cabinets are equipped and pre-installed with Air Control System

– the automatic control of ambient temperature regime and active ventilation in server racks.

The device reads off two temperature gauges, installed in different areas,

and engages 4 fan cooling panel running only when the temperature surpasses the save operating limit. 

The Air Control board is installed into the top of the rack, which save 1U internal space.

            AIR CONTROL SYSTEM :
  • Simple setup, tuning and access
  • Permanent cooling fan noisy elimination.
  •  1U saving on internal space
  • Stable functionality and performance of active equipment
  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Savings on purchasing expensive thermo-control devices
  •  Life extension of  active ventilation components

  • Cut the power cable in half;
  • Strip the blue and brown wires on both male and female ends;
  • Use diagram to plug the Power Supply (male end),
    Cooling panel (female end) and thermosensors to the Air Control System device;
  • Place the Air Control System device into the top panel and plug in;
  • Set the temperature regime.


  • power input: 110B/220B;
  • power consumption: <3 Вт;
  • fan and Light output:110B/220B-5;
  • range:19,9-99,9C;
  • two independent channel control,
    two temperature sensors NTC10K.


The control unit has three types of modes:

  • normal mode;
  • adjustment settings and
  • reset to factory defaults.

While pressing and hold the SET button, it switches to adjustment mode. Hold down the SET button more than 3 seconds, reset to factory default settings. A single press button SET in regulatory regimes or initialization switches to the operating mode. Use the UP- button and DOWN- button to modify the selected parameter.

Content Control
F1 A channel temperature setting .-19,9C +99,9C 12,0 Press and hold the SET button to select the setting temperature. Use the up and down set temperature value. Short press SET to set the default settings
F2 A channel temperature hytersis 1,0C - 20,0C 2,0 Press and hold the SET button to select the setting range of operation. Use the up and down button peak value. Short press SET to set the default settings
F3 B channel temperature setting .-19,9C +99,9C 12,0 Press and hold the SET button to select the setting temperature. Use the up and down set temperature value. Short press SET to set the default settings
F4 B channel temperature hytersis 1,0C - 20,0C 2,0 Press and hold the SET button to select the setting temperature. Use the up and down having set the temperature value. Short press SET to set the default settings
F5 Temperature correction -10+10 0,0 The calibration function (correction) of reading between the actual temperature and the determined unit
F6 Start-up delay 0-5 2,0 Press and hold the SET button to select the setting delay. Use the up and down to set the desired value. Short press SET to set the default settings.
E1 A channel error A channel self-testing error
E2 B channel error B channel self-testing error
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