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Server racks are intended to pace any IT, server, A/V and rack mount equipment.

Often, server equipment used for home personal or office use consists of only a few units (Ex: 2 servers, switch, Sysco).

Such projects do not need a full size 42U server rack, as it only needs up to 10U-12U rack space. Besides, most of server racks, can fit the server equipment, are floor standing models and start from 18U 32” depth, as most of wall mount cabinet depth is max 24”, which is not enough to house a server.

This leads to buying a floor standing rack way more expensive than floor standing solutions.

Our team has designed SRW 15U 35” deep wall mount cabinet.

The 35” depth cabinet fit most of modern servers and can be used as a free standing rack, if needed.

The solution saves your budget and space.

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