18U 39" Depth IT & Telecom Cabinet SRF 18.6.10

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SRF 18.6.10

19" Floor Standing Server Rack Cabinet
18U (24"w x39"d x36"h)
(600x1000x900mm.) (WxDxH),
Glass Door (TEMPERATURE CONTROL PANEL, 4 fans,1 shelf, 1PDU)
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Kit contents

(Temperature Control System with 4 fans, 2 Brush cable entry, 1 PDU,1 fix shelf, 4 rollers and legs, 2 Latch locks, set of screws and nuts(50 pcs).

  • Active ventilation in base model
  • Brush strip panel for cable entry
  • Flat and compact packaging
  • Convenient to assemble design
  • Clear and simple installation


The main idea to create this model-to include all necessary equipment and to keep best price at the same moment.

    All models of SYSRACKS SRF includes:
  • - 1 shelf
  • - 1 PDU
  • - 4 fans cooling panel
  • - temperature control system
  • - 2 latch locks
  • - 4 casters and adjustable feet
  • - mounting hardware (50 pcs).
We rethink the philosophy of usability

AIR CONTROL SYSTEM - double zone control and management system.

The most important criteria for a long time serving of any equipment - is the temperature regime.

That's why we've installed the Temperature Control System, that's insures:

  • active ventilation block resources savings
  • active equipment stable performance
  • vent modules noise pollution control
  • power save mode

Multifunctional model

The different types of doors allow using this model not only as a professional server rack cabinet (in server rooms) but they are the perfect fit in home and office environment as well.

The following types of doors are generally used in the field.

1) Front glass door in metal frame with hexagonal perforation.

2) Rear solid metal door.

* A perfect solution for offices, basements, working cabinets. Gorgeous design, glass tinted door in mesh frame will be piece of any design

We have achieved the technical design aesthetics!
Professional server enclosure

3) Front mesh arc door.

4) Rear perforated door.

* A useful option to organize the horizontal air flow circulation in working environment, one of the most important criteria in any projects.

System integrators and project organizations can only enjoy their work.

SRF1000 is an optimal solution (price/quality ratio) in installing cross, telecommunication and server equipment.

Modern elegant design blends in any environment home/office style.

The solidity of the rack is based on 2 heavy-duty welded frames, with loading capacity up to 1600 lbs.

The top and bottom are equipped with brush type cable entry, protecting the equipment against dust and other objects.

The passive ventilation is provided by the front door and side perforation.

Active ventilation is represented by Temperature control system, a thermostat controlling the temperature in working environment

and engaging the cooling panel at the pre-set temperature regime.

The feature is included in base model.

4 mounting rails can be adjusted on the depth of the equipment and the U-marking facilities housing equipment.

2 removable side panels, and fixing with the lathes, guarantee the secure access to your equipment.

• maximum performance of IT equipment in secure temperature regime
• reduced electricity costs;
• increased lifetime of active ventilation;
• reduction in noise .

Types of doors:

• Front Glass in metal frame with perforation
• Rear Solid metal Framework
Cable input:
• Top and bottom have dust-tight brush panels
• Passive – convection heat flow due to perforation of front and rear doors
• Active – Temperature Control System with 4 fans (all models)
IP protection:
• IP41: glass/perforated sash
• Static load not exceeding 1600 lb.
•Rolled steel profile
• Frame thickness:1.2 mm; 19” profiles 2mm; side panels:1.0 mm; other components parts:1.2 mm
• Powder paint with degreasing and anticorrosive phosphate
• Black: RAL9005 

Supplied non assembled in 4 packages.

Carrying construction – welded front and rear frames.

Base model includes:

o      Temperature Control System with 4 fans

o      2 Brash cable entry

o      1 PDU 6 ways

o      1 fix shelf

o      4 rollers and legs

o      2 Latch locks

o      Set of screws and nuts (50 pcs).

  • Step1. Setting the skeleton:

    Using the black M8X12 bolts and M8 nuts,
    combine the top (4), bottom (5) and two welded framed (1)
    into a single construction.

    *Insure the brush type cable entries (7) are close to the rear side
    and square holes of both frames face inside the rack.

  • Step2. Setting casters(9) and adjustable feet:

    Using M6x8 silver bolts, install the castes(9)
    and adjustable feet.

  • Step3. Setting the horizontal beams(2):

    *6 pcs horizontal beams(2) for 37U and 42U racks, 3 pcs each side.

    *4 pcs horizontal beams(2) for 18U, 22U, 27U and 32U racks, 2 each side.

    Ins ert the M6 square nuts into the third and fifth square holes in the front
    welded frame (1), and, the second and fourth square holes in the rear
    welded frame (or, vice versa) for each horizontal beam.
    I.e. skip a square hole on any side, where needed, so that all horizontal beams
    are levelled and parallel each other (and top & bottom panels).

    Do same on the rear welded frame(1).

    Install the horizontal beams(2) using M6 bolts.

    *For 37U and 42U racks install 2pcs of M6 square nuts into middle of each welded frame(1).

    Insure the nuts are installed at same height.

    *Important Insure the horizontal beams(2) are parallel each other.

    If nedded, adjust one side of each horizontal beam.

    To do this, remove the M6 square nuts and ins ert in to next holes up or down.

    Acceptable, using first and third square holes on the front welded frame(1)
    and second and forth one on the rear welded frame(1) (or, vice versa).

    The horizontal beams must be parallel each other and top & bottom panels.

  • Step4. Installing the vertical mounting rails(3):

    Ins ert M6 square nuts in to 6th square hole of each horizontal beam(2) in the front an rear side.

    Using M6 bolts, install the horizontal mounting rails(3).

    Make sure the oval holes of the vertical mounting rails match square holes on each horizontal rail.

    *The instruction is given for standard size equipment.

    The vertical mounting rails(3) are adjustable and can be shifted depending on user's needs.

  • Step6. Install the side panel stoppers (L-form metal brackets)

    with plastic pins at the same height as the plastic latches.

  • Step7. Install the locks (plastic caps) in the side panels

  • Step9.

    Installing the locks and handles in to the front (11/13), and rear doors (12/14).

    For the front door (11/13) - straight lock catch.

    For the rear door (12/14)-S-form lock catch.

NO. Name QTY SPCCT(mm)
1 Frame 2PCS 1.2
2 Horizontal beam 4/6PCS 1.2
3 Mounting profile 4PCS 2.0
4 Top cover 1PCS 1.2
5 Bottom panel 1PCS 1.2
6 Fixed shelf 1PCS 1.2
7 Brash cable entry 2PCS
8 Cable entrance panel 5PCS 1.0
9 Castor 4PCS /
10 Side panel 2PCS 1.0
11 Tempered glass door 1PCS 1.2
NO. Name QTY SPCCT(mm)
12 Steel rear door 1PCS 1.2
13 Front door
vented door
as request)
14 Vented rear door 1PCS
as request)
Remark: The cabinet size above 37U using
6 pcs mounting angle, under 37U using 4 pcs.

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