42U (24"x32"x79") 19" IT & Telecom Cabinet TR 6842.712

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Weight: 255.2 Lb.

Volume: 20748 in3.

Quantity of all packages: 4 pcs.


19" Floor Standing Telecommunication Cabinet
42U 24"x32"x79"
(606x803x2012)mm. (WxDxH),
Glass Door (AIR CONTROL SYSTEM, 4 fans)
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  • Factory installed AIR-Control system
  • Active ventilation in base model
  • Brush strip panel for cable entry
  • Flat and compact packaging
  • Convenient to assemble design
  • Clear and simple installation

and Convenience

There are three criteria at the bottom
of the SYSMATRIX TR design solution:

  • (a) structure simplicity
  • (b) reliability of installation
  • (c) maximum performance combined with convenience

Rolled steel side sections and “roof-bottom” weld fabricated structure are the two special features that form the framework of the wiring closet.

The assembly is so easy, almost on an instinct level and the parts are precisely standardized so much so that you could probably do without the Assembly Manual.

Try and assemble the telecommunications closet and you’ll relive the childhood joy, when you used to assemble the models from the tinker toys with your own hands.

We believe you’d like it!

We rethink the philosophy of usability
and airflow control

AIR CONTROL SYSTEM - double zone control and management system.


  • active equipment stable performance as a result of the comfort temperature range
  • 2 independent control zones
  • active ventilation block resources savings
  • power save mode
  • vent modules noise pollution control (important for office space)

Everything is working in the SYSMARTIX TR!

Powerful modern active equipment, generates a huge amount of heat, can negatively affect the stability of the system performance.

In order to remove the warm air streams from the cabinet interior space we HAVE ALREADY installed four 120mm (440 cubic meters/hour) vent elements into the cabinet roof.

We have achieved the technical design aesthetics!
of course

One more reason you would like to choose SYSMATRIX cabinets in your projects is a flat compact packaging!

It is convenient for both: storage and moving.

The construction is supplied unassembled and this allows for between 50% and 70% savings of total space!

Three Undisputable Advantages:

1. Saving between 50% and 70% of the rack space during its storage and transportation.

2. Assembled construction allows for delivery and mounting the rack at the technical facility with narrow doorways and/or no cargo elevators.

System integrators and project organizations can only enjoy their work.

Telecommunication server rack SYSMATRIX TR-series is the best solution to place telecommunications equipment and organize communication centers.
The set is supplied in a flat and compact package which is a profitable option when transporting ore storing. Installation is easy and simple.

The active ventilation and Air temperature control system is included in the base model. All cable entries are equipped with brush strip panels and cable managers.
The telecommunication server rack is supplied with heavy duty rolling casters equipped with a “brake” option to facilitate mobility.
To remove hot airflow from the working space, there is a 4 active-fan panel factory installed on top of the rack with a capacity of 440 m3/h.

Thanks to a flat compact packaging, a server rack TR-Series can save up to 50%-70% on transport and storage.
Assembling construction allows delivering and mounting a rack in tight rooms with narrow doorways access without cargo elevators.
Now, just one technician could deliver a server rack without special transport and tools.

• maximum performance of IT equipment in secure temperature regime
• reduced electricity costs;
• increased lifetime of active ventilation;
• reduction in noise .

3 types of doors:
• Glass in metal frame with perforation;
• Perforated metal;
• Solid metal Framework:
• Prefabricated profile sections
Cable input:
• Top and bottom have dust-tight brush panels with cable managers
• Passive – convection heat flow due to perforation of front and rear doors
• Active – by setting in the top fan module (all models)
IP protection:
• IP41: glass/perforated sash
• IP20: perforated door
• Static load not exceeding 1800 lb.
•Rolled steel profile
• Frame thickness: 2 mm, 19” profiles 2mm, other components parts; 1.5mm
• Powder paint with degreasing and anticorrosive phosphate
• Grey: RAL7035
Kit contents:
• Base model includes:
set of doors,AIR CONTROL SYSTEM, active ventilation,
side panels, 2 pairs (front & rear) 19” profiles, brush strip plate,
rolling casters and 4 legs, a set of nuts, bolts, washers and screwdriver.

The guide is applicable for 33U, 37U, 42U, 47U Server Racks TR-Series. Please, skip step 3 and 4 for 18U, 22U, 27U Server Racks.

  • bearing profiles (4 pcs).
  • top (1 pcs);
  • bottom (1 pcs );
  • external medium horizontal beam
    (only for 33U, 37U, 42U, 47U = 2 pcs);
  • internal horizontal rail (for 18U, 22U, 27U = 4 ps;
    for 33U, 37U, 42U, 47U = 6 pcs);
  • side panels (for 18U, 22U, 27U=2 pcs;
    for 33U, 37U, 42U, 47U = 4 pcs);
  • vertical mounting U-rails (4 pcs);
  • wheels and adjustable feet (4 pcs);
  • front and back doors (1 pcs/each).
  • Step 1.

    Setting the skeleton. Using KIT A, combine bearing profiles 1 , top 2 and bottom 3 in one single carcass. Do not tighten the bolts at this point.

  • Step 2.

    Install wheels and adjustable feet onto the bottom panel.

  • Step 3.

    Setting the external medium horizontal beams. Only applicable for 33U, 37U, 42U racks. The external medium horizontal beam is to be installed between 2 side panels on each side. To determine the height, it is necessary to set a side panel onto the carcass and put the horizontal beam on top of the panel. That will be the correct position. You can now screw the beam using the KIT B and remove the panel. Do the same on the other side of the carcass.

  • Step 4.

    Setting the internal medium horizontal beams.  Only applicable for 33U, 37U, 42U racks. Using the mounting KIT B, install the internal horizontal rail at the same height as the external one.

  • Step 5.

    Setting the upper and lower internal horizontal beams. To set the upper and lower internal horizontal beams, it is necessary to place a beam against the 4th, 5th and 6th holes of the front and rear bearing profiles.  Install it, using KIT B. Do the same with lower horizontal rails. Do the same on the other side of the carcass.

  • Step 6.

    Installing the dowels pins, fixing the side panels.

  • Step 7.

    Installing the side panel latch parts. Using the KIT B fix side panel latch catch as shown. 2 for each side panel.

  • Step 8.

    Installing vertical mounting rails U-mark.Using KIT C, install the vertical mounting rails onto the internal horizontal beams, installed earlier (Step 4, 5). Make sure the oval holes of the vertical mounting rails match square holes on each horizontal rail.  Do the same with the other mounting rails. If needed, the depth can be adjusted shifting the rails.
    You can tighten all elements of the Rack now.

  • Step 9.

    Installing front and back door. Preinstall the front and back door hinges onto the carcass, according the picture. Install the front and back door handle and latch lock. Install the door.

    Step 10.

    Fasten side panels.

    Step 11.Install AIR CONTROL SYSTEM as shown on diagram.

Types of produced sizes
  • Height: 18U;22U;27U;33U;37U;42U and 47U;
  • Width: 600mm., 800mm.;
  • Depth: 600mm., 800mm.;
Three types of door
  • glass in a metal frame with perforation;
  • perforated metal;
  • solid metal;
Support framework
  • prefabricated profile sections
Input cable
  • bottom and roof of the enclosure are dust-tight cable entry with cable organizers.
  • passive-convection heat flows due to perforation front and rear doors, permeability up to 78%;
  • active-by setting in the roof fan module;
Protecting by IP
  • IP41 glass/punching border;
  • IP20 punching;
Load capability
  • Static load not exceeding 800kg.
  • Rolled steel profile;
  • Carcass thickness: 2mm, 19” profiles 2mm, other component parts 1,5mm.
  • Powder paint with degreasing and anti-corrosive phosphate.
  • Gray RAL7035;
  • Black RAL9004 .

Base case system includes a set of doors, a set of side panel, 2 parts of 19’ profile,eye bolts. Bottom parts are supplied with a dusttight hatch for cable input, adjustable legs or 4 wheels, a set of nuts/screws/washers (50un).

Marks Descriptions Package (CTNS) G.WT (KGS) Meas (CBM)
TR 6618.*** 19" cabinet for IT 18U 600x600x930 4 59,7 0,19
TR 6818.*** 19" cabinet for IT 18U 600x800x930 4 69,3 0,23
TR 6018.*** 19" cabinet for IT 18U 600x1000x930 4 75,9 0,27
TR 6622.*** 19" cabinet for IT 22U 600x600x1100 4 66,6 0,21
TR 6822.*** 19" cabinet for IT 22U 600x800x1100 4 76,8 0,25
TR 6022.*** 19" cabinet for IT 22U 600x1000x1100 4 87 0,29
TR 6627.*** 19" cabinet for IT 27U 600x600x1335 4 75,4 0,22
TR 6827.*** 19" cabinet for IT 27U 600x800x1335 4 86,5 0,27
TR 6027.*** 19" cabinet for IT 27U 600x1000x1335 4 97,6 0,32
TR 6633.*** 19" cabinet for IT 33U 600x600x1605 4 86,5 0,25
TR 6833.*** 19" cabinet for IT 33U 600x800x1605 4 99,4 0,30
TR 6033.*** 19" cabinet for IT 33U 600x1000x1605 4 112,3 0,35
TR 6637.*** 19" cabinet for IT 37U 600x600x1790 4 93,8 0,27
TR 6837.*** 19" cabinet for IT 37U 600x800x1790 4 104,9 0,31
TR 6037.*** 19" cabinet for IT 37U 600x1000x1790 4 116 0,35
TR 6642.*** 19" cabinet for IT 42U 600x600x2010 4 102,5 0,31
TR 6842.*** 19" cabinet for IT 42U 600x800x2010 4 115,8 0,34
TR 6042.*** 19" cabinet for IT 42U 600x1000x2010 4 129,1 0,37
TR 6647.*** 19" cabinet for IT 47U 600x600x2230 4 107,5 0,43
TR 6847.*** 19" cabinet for IT 47U 600x800x2230 4 119,5 0,49
TR 6047.*** 19" cabinet for IT 47U 600x1000x2230 4 131,5 0,55

For drawing up of design documentation provide drawings in DWG format.

Description | Diargam | Settings

Nowadays, the modern server equipment is much faster and more powerful than in the past.

As a result, a lot of heat is generated in working space which can affect the performance of whole system, unfortunately, in negative way.

That is why, one of the most important factors impacting the life and reliability of high-priced equipment is the temperature regime in a server rack.

Moreover, most of servers are integrated in public and office environment, were the non-stop cooling fan noise prevents focusing on accomplishing work,

but overheating of the server equipment can cause system crushes and even data loss.


All Sysmatrix SR, TR, ER-series server rack cabinets are equipped and pre-installed with Air Control System

– the automatic control of ambient temperature regime and active ventilation in server racks.

The device reads off two temperature gauges, installed in different areas,

and engages 4 fan cooling panel running only when the temperature surpasses the save operating limit. 

The Air Control board is installed into the top of the rack, which save 1U internal space.

            AIR CONTROL SYSTEM :
  • Simple setup, tuning and access
  • Permanent cooling fan noisy elimination.
  •  1U saving on internal space
  • Stable functionality and performance of active equipment
  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Savings on purchasing expensive thermo-control devices
  •  Life extension of  active ventilation components

  • Cut the power cable in half;
  • Strip the blue and brown wires on both male and female ends;
  • Use diagram to plug the Power Supply (male end),
    Cooling panel (female end) and thermosensors to the Air Control System device;
  • Place the Air Control System device into the top panel and plug in;
  • Set the temperature regime.


  • power input: 110B/220B;
  • power consumption: <3 Вт;
  • fan and Light output:110B/220B-5;
  • range:19,9-99,9C;
  • two independent channel control,
    two temperature sensors NTC10K.


The control unit has three types of modes:

  • normal mode;
  • adjustment settings and
  • reset to factory defaults.

While pressing and hold the SET button, it switches to adjustment mode. Hold down the SET button more than 3 seconds, reset to factory default settings. A single press button SET in regulatory regimes or initialization switches to the operating mode. Use the UP- button and DOWN- button to modify the selected parameter.

Content Control
F1 A channel temperature setting .-19,9C +99,9C 12,0 Press and hold the SET button to select the setting temperature. Use the up and down set temperature value. Short press SET to set the default settings
F2 A channel temperature hytersis 1,0C - 20,0C 2,0 Press and hold the SET button to select the setting range of operation. Use the up and down button peak value. Short press SET to set the default settings
F3 B channel temperature setting .-19,9C +99,9C 12,0 Press and hold the SET button to select the setting temperature. Use the up and down set temperature value. Short press SET to set the default settings
F4 B channel temperature hytersis 1,0C - 20,0C 2,0 Press and hold the SET button to select the setting temperature. Use the up and down having set the temperature value. Short press SET to set the default settings
F5 Temperature correction -10+10 0,0 The calibration function (correction) of reading between the actual temperature and the determined unit
F6 Start-up delay 0-5 2,0 Press and hold the SET button to select the setting delay. Use the up and down to set the desired value. Short press SET to set the default settings.
E1 A channel error A channel self-testing error
E2 B channel error B channel self-testing error
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