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Server Rack Patch Panels

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Server Rack Patch Panels photo
Server Rack Patch Panels photo
Server Rack Patch Panels photo
Server Rack Patch Panels photo

Patch Panel 24 ports 1U Cat6 RJ45 UTP

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5PP2402U106 Patch Panel 24 ports 1U Cat6 RJ45 UTP...

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What is a Server Rack Patch Panel?

A patch panel is a horizontal socket system with an array of ports designed for grouping cables between workstation ports and network equipment. They’re indispensable to recording studios, televisions, and any company with telecommunication equipment.

They work by bundling several ports to keep the cables for LAN, electronics, and communications together. Each port links a cable to another port located elsewhere. Since a server cabinet patch panel is one source for all input jacks, maintaining and rearranging lines become easier.


Patch panels are an important component of a well organized server room in any institution. They come with many significant advantages like:
Systemic cable management: Using color-coding makes working with circuits easy and intuitive.

Eliminates cable congestion: Eliminate clutter and confusion by providing a medium to create an organized and well-labeled cabling network.

Flexible and scalable: Make it easy to scale your network system with cords.

Easy maintenance: Allow for quick and easy manual monitoring, routing, switching, and other maintenance needs of the cable configuration.

Space-saving: A single server rack patch panel can manage hundreds of ports or varying densities and speeds. This can help you save on valuable rack space.

Sysracks’ Types of Server Rack Patch Panel

They differ based on the following variables:
port type: RJ-45, RJ-12 optical, coaxial, etc.
height type: 1u and 2U
clamp type
number of ports: 4 to 96
availability of shielding
mounting method

We have server cabinet patch panels with 12, 16, 24, 32, and 48 ports from different manufacturers, with the best-selling being 24 ports and 48 ports.

Some types, such as categories 5e and 6, come with color-coding capabilities for easy installation and identification.

Feel free to place an order for bulk patch panels. We have flexible payment and delivery terms for network communication firms and other entities. With our patch panels, you can guarantee to deliver your clients superior service.

Why Choose Sysracks?

At Sysracks, we understand how imperative on-time delivery and product quality is to your IT ecosystem’s performance. So, we only deliver top-of-the-line items. In this fast-paced world, we are equipped to quickly support your requirements without cutting corners on quality or affordability.

Here’s what to expect when choosing us:

  • We will ship all orders within 48 hours
  • 100% money-back guarantee on all orders
  • Orders over $999 come with a free gift and loyalty points that can be redeemed on any future Sysracks products
  • 24/7 Live assistance available

If you’ve any questions, our staff will gladly help you choose the right solution for your needs.

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